Construction Projects ​

LADWP 90351- 138 kV Underground Transmission Cable Replacement Project

Project Overview: Underground Transmission Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Project Management of 133 miles of 138kV Cable for (10) Circuits

● Installation of Approximately 700,000 Feet of 1500 Kcmil 138 kV Single Conductor 

    Copper Cable. There Was a Total of 146 Cable Spans Ranging Anywhere from 100’ to


● Removal of existing LPOF Cable Systems, Clean and Proof Existing Ducts, Technical

    Services and Installation of New 138‐ kV XLPE Cables, Joints, Terminations

● Procured and Installed New 138kV XLPE Cable, Joints, Terminations, and Maintenance

   Holes Hardware

● Performed AC and PD Commissioning Tests for the Cable Circuits

Disneyland Resort- Autopia Queue Line Lighting Replacement 

Project Overview: We were tasks with the removal of 32 existing light fixtures, including their demolition and clean-up after. Installation, repairs and replacements for Disneyland's equipment including lights for the structure and fire alarms. In accordance to instructions, 3 existing fire alarm devices were replaced with reuse of existing wire and boxes. All new conduit, conductors, connectors and hardware for new light fixtures were provided and installed.

● New boxes-mud rings were installed, along with safe off electrical. Installation of new furnished           mount lights installed

● Repaired existing down lights utilizing parts from the removed fixtures and removed lower level            light fixtures

● Performed the rough-in for new fire alarm devices and pulled wires for the new fire alarm devices 

● New owner-furnished fire alarm devices were installed and fire alarm control panel was replaced

LADWP- Scattergood-Olympic Cable A Project

Project Overview: The project entails construction of 12-miles of 6”-8" concrete encased duct and 50 precast manholes plus installation of 3-230-kV 5000-kcmil copper XLPE insulated cables to transfer 680 MVA from the Scattergood Generating Station to the Olympic Receiving Station in West Los Angeles

● Responsible for the scheduling, estimating, budgeting, route selection, permitting, public                     outreach, environmental analysis support, calculations, design, and specifications

● Constructed 230kV underground transmission lines

City of Pasadena- ER-1 Circuit 4kV to 17kV Conversion 

 Project Overview: New power poles were outfitted with new cross arms, insulators, guying, and new 71kV transformers per design specifications. Due to the location of poles within residential back yards, crane installation was required

● Converted existing ER-14kV circuit to new 17kV circuit

●  Provided construction services to replace 14 distribution power poles and reconductors 


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