Construction Services

Our focus on client expectations and objectives allow us to deliver the highest quality services on schedule and on budget. The construction division furnishes labor, tools, materials, equipment, supplies, and supervision to accomplish the job from start to finish. We are a proud member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. IBEW’s apprentice and journeyman training programs provide the skilled labor required to get the job done right the first time, on time, and safely.

Our Construction Services

● Up to and Including 500kV

● Foundations and Embedded Bases

● Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) and Conventional 

   Ground Wire

● Underground Conduit and Substructures

● Manholes, Vaults, Racking and Grounding

● Cable Pulling and Testing

● Cable Splicing and Termination

● Equipment and Potheads

● Constructability Reviews

● Outage Response



● Underground Distribution 4kV-34.5kV

● Equipment – Transformers, Switches, Capacitor Banks

● Meter Installation

● Constructability Reviews

● Outage Response

● Re-vegetation and Landscaping

● Underground Conduit and Substructures

● Manholes, Vaults, Hand holes and Pull boxes

● Racking, Grounding and Equipment Installation

● Cable Pulling and Testing/Cable Splicing and Terminations

● Rule 20 Conversions – Design, Splice, Terminate and Test

● Clearing, Grading and Site Work

● Ground Grids and Ground Connections

● Underground Conduit and Cable Trench

● Equipment Pads and Steel Support Structures

● Buss Work – Cable Buss and Rigid Pipe

● Equipment Installation and Testing

● Control Building and Associated Wiring

● Stringing and Dead-ending Conductors

● Constructability Reviews

● Outage Response

● Scheduled Maintenance

● Inside & Outside Plant Wiring & Cabling

● Distribution Panel Installation & Replacement

● Electrical Cable Splicing & Termination

● Removal & Replacement Lighting Fixtures

● Electrical Meter Replacement & Upgrades



● Network Infrastructure Cabling- Cat6/FOC/COAX

● Inside Plant Wiring (ISP) - Backbone & Horizontal Cabling

● Outside Plant Wiring (OSP) - Underground & 

   Aerial Installations

● Fiber Optic Cabling- Air-blown, Underground & 

   Aerial Installations

● Fiber Optic Cable Termination & Testing- Fusion

  Splice/OTDR/Power Meter/VFL

● Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) Installation & Maintenance

● Wireless Site Survey & Design- Design Lay-Out & Heat 


● UG Power Conduit System Construction

● Excavate, Install, Vaults, Hand-holes, Pull boxes, 

   and Manholes

● Bore and Install Conduit Systems Directional       

   and/or Auger Casing Bore

● Conduit Rodding and Cleaning

● Inner Duct Placing

● Site Grading 



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