Parkia Inc. professionals provide a wide range of engineering and design services for several utilities, municipalities, and school districts in California.

The multi-disciplinary engineering division provides services in electrical, civil & structural engineering, and telecommunication with an expertise in: electrical distribution, electrical transmission, substations, telecommunication systems and facilities. Parkia, Inc. also provides support in other services such as GIS, and CAD/ PLS CADD.

Electrical Transmission Engineering
  • Engineering and Design – project experience thru 500kV

  • Preliminary design for permit acquisition

  • Material specifications and project cost estimates

  • Constructability Reviews

  • Final design drawings and bid package

  • On-site construction support

  • Major crossing designs for permitting of various Cities and Counties jurisdictions

  • Evaluation criteria for transmission construction bidders

  • Analyze existing line conditions

  • Conductor Optimization

Electrical Distribution Engineering
  • Distribution Design 600V-16kV

  • Utility Pole Wind Loading

  • Inside Electrical, Commercial Switchgear, Instrumentation and Controls

  • New Business Planning and Design

  • Cable Replacement and Circuit Reliability

  • Utility Record System

  • MicroStation, AutoCAD, PLS CADD and Drafting Services

  • Design constructability review

  • Material specifications

  • Budgetary cost estimates

  • Permitting and Right-of-Way

  • Final design drawings and bid package

Electrical Substation Engineering
  • Substation design and physical layout

  • Equipment Specifications and upgrades

  • Design standards, Construction Specifications & Drawings

  • One lines, three lines, AC/DC schematics, wiring diagrams, and SCADA/RTU

  • Steel and structural design

  • Substation protection & control

  • Soil Resistivity Measurements

  • Grounding System Analysis

  • Transformer Loss Evaluation

  • System Protection

  • Relay Coordination & Settings


       • Site Investigations/survey

    • Land Development

    • Hydrologic Analysis and Design

    • Technical and feasibility studies 

    • Managing budgets and project resources

    • Grading plans and hydrology 

    • Topography maps utilizing technologies such as LIDAR-GIS

    • GIS (Geographical Information Systems)  

    • Design Various Types of Substation Structures

    • Lattice Tower modeling using PLS CADD

    • Power Pland (Nuclear, Fossile, & Solar) Structures and Components

Telecommunications Engineering

       • Telephone and CATV Plant

    • Underground Facilities – Conduit & Manhole Systems, CEVs

    • Wireless Site Design 

    • Design of Hub Sites, Regen. Facilities, Network Control Facilities

    • Site Acquisition

    • Wireless Voice and Data

    • Pole Attachment Survey

    • Network and RF Electronics

    • Route Feasibility Studies